12 Lessons I’ve Learned from 12 Years of Homeschooling

God is the most important subject. Fun fact, I am reading through the bible in a year for the 3rd time. Seriously, the second best thing I ever did from homeschooling. The first being, learning how to pray and starting to literally write out every single prayer. I highly recommend that you do this. It’s … More 12 Lessons I’ve Learned from 12 Years of Homeschooling


Death. What is it? Death is cold. Death is harsh. Death makes you question your life. Death makes you wonder if you really have a purpose. It makes you ponder when it will claim you. How much time do you have left? What would you do if you knew you were going to die tonight? … More Death

Giant Paper Rose

I made these as decorations for my graduation party and had a blast making them! Enjoy the DIY! Comment below if you make them and send me pictures on Instagram and twitter with #HAdiygiantrose

Tour 2016

Ah, choir tour, one of the best extended weekends of the entire year. I have been a member of the youth choir at my church for the past 5 years. Graduating high school means I have finished with this chapter of my life. This is both sad and happy for me. I have made so … More Tour 2016

Basil Garlic Chicken

On Tuesday, I made Basil Garlic Chicken for dinner. I love the simplicity of this recipe. It really only takes about 10 minutes of prep work then an hour to cook. Just add some pasta or potatoes and a salad and you have a full meal in just over an hour!