What Happened in July 2017?


July 2017, it’s hard to believe you’re gone already. I feel like this has been a month that flew by and also went slowly. It seems like you just started yesterday and that you it’s been 75 days since you started. Time is such an interesting thing. I learned a lot this month and pushed myself in ways I never thought would be possible.

July taught me a lot of things:

I learned to let go of things I couldn’t control. I learned to trust God more. I learned that I need exercise in my life. (I mean, literally, I NEED exercise in my life.) I learned that God has a bigger plan in everything. I learned that it’s okay to ask for help when you know you can’t do something on your own. I learned I can keep an entire house clean. I went to a gym for the first time and worked out. I started running and learned I have a love-hate relationship with it. I learned that it’s hard to accept change but in the end it’s always better. I learned that it’s hard to say goodbye to old friends. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at the very beginning. ‘A very good place to start.’ (Sorry, couldn’t help referencing that movie. Comment the title below if you know it!)

July 1-8


Tuesday, July 4th, I posted Blogs I’m Loving from June 2017 This was a really interesting and fun post to do. I’m excited to write my post about the blogs I’ve been loving from July 2017!

One of my favorite parts about being a blogger is reading other blogs and learning from the experts in this field. (And, amateurs. It’s surprising how much knowledge everytone has) I especially love reading about other people’s lives and what they’ve learned and struggled with.

I also posted This Picture  on Instagram.


Thursday, July 6th, I posted What Happened in June 2017? This was my first recap post and I really enjoyed doing it. Do you enjoy reading these types of posts?

Also, I posted TWICE on my Instagram on July 6th? Like, what? It’s crazy. First, I posted This Picture of my breakfast from the day before. I absolutely love pancakes and trying these banana oat ones was a great idea! Comment below if I should share a recipe of them! Secondly, I posted This Picture  Which, was just a repeat of my featured picture that I used for the blog post I posted that day. I absolutely love this quote by John Green. It’s such a great reminder to take time to live and not just check things off my to-do list.

One thing I learned this month is how important it is to be flexible. I made a goal for myself this month to post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Well, I planned out all of my posts from July to the end of August. Let’s just say I didn’t follow through with this plan perfectly. But, I’m learning that in the end, life goes on and it’s not going to stop if I didn’t get my post about the things I love up. Soemtimes, it’s more important to spend time with your family and help them, instead of spending all your time on the computer.


Friday, July 7th, I posted my first Five on Friday I loved doing this post and really want to do more. I already have the products picked out I’m going to use. I just haven’t had time to write it yet. Hopefully, I’ll get that done this week.

Another thing I learned in July was about working on relying on myself and God instead of others. I had some things happen with friends and I realized how important it is to trust in God and not man.

On Saturday, July 8th, I posted this picture on my Instagram. I had gone on a walk with my little sister and as we were walking home, we caught the sun at just the perfect spot to get this great lens flare picture.  Fun fact, walking is one of my favorite things to do. I started going on regular walks to talk to my friends on the phone. Because, when you live with 7 other people in your house it’s hard to find privacy. But, now my friends are really busy a lot of the time. So I usually just go with my little sister and we listen to music and talk.

July 9th-15th

Sunday, July 9th, I posted this picture on Instagram in honor of my 2 month blogversary and hitting 100 followers on Instagram! Apparently I love catching pictures of the sunsets while I go on walks. I may or may not have a cloud obsession…  Adding in the beautiful colors of a sunset just makes it that much better!

december 2014 117

Monday, July 10th was my mom’s birthday. I posted one of my favorite posts ever! 35 Things I Love About My Mom I love my mom a lot and it was a lot of fun to surprise her with this post. Watching her face while she read it made all of my effort worth it.

This picture brings back a lot of memories. I believe it was summer 2014, we went on a family trip up to Gatlinburg Tennessee. We stayed in a hotel and did a lot of hiking and driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway and in the Smokey Mountains National Park. This picture was taken on Clingmans Dome which is in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Probably the most memorable thing about this particular hike is that, on the day we went, the mountain was enshrouded with clouds. There is seriously nothing that can compare to hiking up a steep trail surrounded by clouds; with the only sounds being feet padding on the asphalt trail and birds chirping to each other.


Wednesday, July 12th, I posted What You Should Listen to In July 2017! This was a post that had a bunch of my favorte music in it. I love listening to music and literally listen to it constantly. I really enjoyed writing my thoughts about some of my favorite songs and sharing them. If you’re looking for new music you should totally check out this post. Also, I’m hoping to make this a monthly thing! Should I share my Spotify playlists in these posts? Do you use Spotify? Comment below your favorite songs and I just might use them in my next one!

July 16-22


Monday, July 17th, I posted The Missing Years pt. 1 I had a lot of fun writing my second fictional post with this. Fun fact, I actually wrote most of this while watching Captain America Civil War and talking to multiple people online. What can I say? I love multitasking.

Also, on July 17th, I posted this picture on my Instagram. One of my older sisters wanted to check out this new coffee shop in my hometown and invited myself and another sister to go with her. I got an iced, pour over coffee, with almond milk. Fun fact, I love coffee that’s pretty bitter. This one tastes like dirt according to my little sister… But, the coffee was really good and the whole atmosphere of the shop was amazing. The decor was adorable. There wasn’t many people there. It was pretty quiet and relaxing. Just stepping inside was relaxing. Also, it’s freaking adorable that they served my iced coffee in a mason jar.

Processed with Snapseed.

Also, in case you didn’t know, I started another blog with a friend. It’s called To Wish Upon Chances And, I posted The Interview on there on July 17th too. I was really busy that day…  Well, this post is a conversation between two of our main characters from the novels we’re writing. It was a really fun conversation to write.

July 23-29

If you want to talk about a busy week just ask me about this one. I volunteered at a summer day camp at my church this week. It was an amazing experience and one I hope to repeat in the future. Let’s just say it was really stressful. But, amazingly, it didn’t stress me out that much. Which honestly, was pretty weird. I can’t of had a ‘letting go’ mentality the whole week. That’s something I’ve been working on this month. Just letting myself let go of things I can’t control instead of worrying about them.

Every day my routine was: Wake up at 6, make smoothie/protein shake, drink it while getting ready for the day. Put last minute items in my backpack including laptop, headphones, and notebooks. Leave the house by 8 AM. Get to church, set up my laptop, work on a blog post, network, and check social media until 9:30. Then, I had to check kids in for the camp, be an extra adult the rest of the day and do whatever was needed. I play the flute and I was in an ensemble and the orchestra. At 3:45 the camp ended for the day. I’d get home around 4:30. And, go right to practicing any parts I needed to on my flute. Then it was time to eat dinner, walk dogs for a neighbor, do a workout, and shower. And then, around 10 P.M. I’d open up my laptop, check emails and messaging. Prep my blog post for the next day and finally get to bed around 12. I had no time basically to live it seemed. I learned this week that my body doesn’t run very well on an average of 6 hours of sleep a night. But, as crazy as the week was, I wouldn’t trade it for all the sleep in the world. I made several new friends, pushed myself in ways I didn’t think was possible and got to be an adult (which was totally weird).

Okay, because I knew that week would be absolutely crazy, I decided to have a bunch of people guest post on my blog instead of stressing myself out with writing 3 posts on top of everything else I was doing. I’m part of a website called Young Writers Workshop along with about 400 other people. I went on there and asked if anyone wanted to guest post about their favorite quote or bible verse on my blog and well, I’ve gotten such a great response from it. I not only had enough for 5 posts last week. I have guest posts lined up for twice a week through the middle of August! I’m excited to continue to feature all of these wonderful people! I hope you’ve enjoyed these posts. Comment your favorite one below!

Monday, July 24th, my friend Cassandra wrote this post for my blog, To the Ends of the Earth  I unfortunately didn’t put a picture with this post. But, I love how Cassandra wraps the entire gospel into her post. It’s beautiful and a wonderful reminder about the power of God.


Tuesday, July 25th, My friend Lindsi wrote about The Armor of God in this wonderful post. I love studying the armor of God and thinking about the symbolism behind it. This post is an incredible reminder about the war we are fighting against darkness.


Wednesday, July 26th, my friend Zach wrote this amazing post about Who We Truly Are It’s so easy to base our identity on what we’ve done in life. But, our identity isn’t there. It’s in Christ. Zach wrote an incredible reminder of this.


Thursday, July 27th, my friend Kayla wrote this wonderful post about Finding Comfort in God’s Thoughts I love this post. God is the One that really matters.

Also, on July 27th, I posted my first guest post What Does it Mean to Trust God? on my friend Moriah’s blog Delighting in Him. I loved writing this post and it was really amazing to write about my experiences in trusting God over the past year. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs throughout the year and God has really been working on me. If you want to see more of this, click the link to check out the post. 🙂

Trust is a big lesson that I have been learning this year. I started trusting people again this year. I opened up about my anxiety. To my close friends, then to everyone on my blog. (If you’re interested in this story check this out.)  I had my trust basically thrown away. I’m learning that man will let me down but God never will. I’ve learned who is truly my friend and who isn’t. I’ve learned who wants to stay there and who only wants to be there when it’s opportunistic for them. I’ve learned who I want to keep as close friends and who as mere acquaintances. I’ve learned that the hard times are when you really find out who your true friends are. I’ve learned what it means to be trusted by people. I’ve learned a lot of things about a lot of different people. I have the trust of a lot of people. I’ve learned how important it is to keep promises and how important it is to keep secrets. (If you want to see more on trust, click this link to check out the post. :))

Fire Picture

Friday, July 28th, my friend Jaeden wrote about being Refined By Fire on my blog. I love this post. I feel as though I’ve been through some ‘fiery’ trials this year and this post was an incredible reminder that God uses the hard times to shape us and mold us into the people He wants us to be.

Looking back at all of the posts from this past week, I’m realizing that God really does work in mysterious ways. Every single one of these posts helped me to realize things in my own life. Cassandra’s post reminds me to spread the gospel and to rejoice in all things. Lindsi’s post reminds me that I am constantly fighting the good fight and need to use the tools that God has given me to fight. Zach’s post reminds me that my identity is not in anything in this world. It’s in God. Kayla’s post reminds me that God’s thoughts are higher than mine and I need to trust that He knows what He’s doing. And lastly, Jaeden’s post reminded me that God uses trials like the refining fire used for silver and gold. God is refining me and molding me into the person He wants me to be.


Okay, now that I’ve gone over the posts from July, I’m going to talk about goals. The ones I made for July and the ones I have for August.

July Goals

  • 50 likes on my Facebook Page – I’m at 47 right now. Not bad if you ask me. I’ve learned this month that it’s pretty hard to actually get people to push the like button on it… If you want to like my Facebook page, there’s a button on the side of the screen and at the bottom. Or you could click this link FaceBook Page: Heather’s Writing
  • 125 followers on Instagram – I actually have exactly 125 followers as of right now! If you want to check out my Instagram you can click this link: heathersambitions Instagram
  • 40 Followers on Twitter: Well, I only have 31. But, I don’t really promote this too much. I probably should. But, I just prefer Instagram and FaceBook to Twitter. If you want to check out my Twitter you can click here: HeathersAmb on Twitter
  • 1,000 Page views on my blog – I currently have 1,712 page hits!!!! This is such a crazy number to me! Thank you to everyone who has visited my blog this month!
  • 50 Email Followers – I currently have 63 email followers on my blog!
  • 50 followers on WordPress – Thanks to you awesome people I have 53 WordPress followers!
  • 200 Followers on Pinterest – I only have 180 followers on there. But, still, that’s a crazy number. I don’t promote my Pinterest anywhere and I don’t pin normal lifestyle blogger stuff most of the time. I’m thinking about making a new branded Pinterest for my blog. What do you think about that?
  • Post 3 times a week – Well, this was a goal, but as I explained earlier. Sometimes, life just gets in the way. I only posted 11 times on here. But still, that’s an average of one every 3 days! Hopefully, I’ll reach this goal in August!

So, I hit 4 out of 8 goals for this month. I may not have completed all of my goals, but I’m going to focus on the positive and be happy with the progress that I’ve made on my goals.

August Goals

My blog goals for August are:

  • 65 Likes on FaceBook Page
  • 250 Followers on Instagram
  • 50 Followers on Twitter
  • 3,000 Total page views on my blog
  • 70 followers on WordPress
  • 250 Followers on Pinterest
  • Post at least 3 times a week
  • Purchase Domain
  • Purchase Hosting and start setting up self-hosted blog.  Do you use private hosting for your blog? If yes, what hosting? What do you like/dislike about it?
  • Set up MailChimp or other email site – Question, do you use an email service for you blog? If yes, what one and what do you like/dislike about it? Please comment below.
  • Reply to every blog comment I get
  • Have 500 visitors on my blog
  • Post on Instagram 5 times a week
  • Post on Facebook 7 times a week
  • Write 2 guest blog posts – if you’re interested in a guest post from me on your blog, comment below. I’m looking for new blogs to post on.

And, that’s it! Comment below the best thing that happened to you in July 2017. I’d love to get to know you!

Thanks for reading this!














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