Five On Friday 2 – 5 Products I love


20 days. That seems like such a short amount of time. But, it also feels so long. Why is that relevant to this post? Well, 20 days ago, I started writing this post. No, I haven’t (just) been procrastinating. I’ve been working hard on life and other posts for this blog. Sometimes I have to make the decision to sleep or to write. (Most often it’s sleep) I’m really working to try and find balance with this blog. It’s really easy for me to spread myself too thin. I treat this as my full-time job even though I don’t get paid yet. Some people find it very hard to understand that concept. Whenever I’m asked, “What are you doing today?” My answer is pretty much always, “Working on my blog.” I spend so much time creating content for all of you. But, I seriously love doing it and can’t think of a better way for me to spend my time.

I just want to say thank you to every single one of you who reads my blog, likes, and comments on it. You are the reason I am doing this. Thank you for helping make this little girl’s dreams a reality. Seriously, if you ever have suggestions, criticism or post ideas. Comment them on any of my posts. I want to write what you want to read.

That’s enough rambling for today, let’s get into the favorites:

Foundation  The L’oreal true match foundation is my favorite foundation that I have ever used. I’m in the shade, light ivory W2 and I think it matches my skin tone almost perfectly. This foundation is really blendable and has amazing coverage.

Being super pale and cheap, I’m yet to really find a concealer to use. I tried one from E.L.F. but it was WAY too dark for my skin. Because I’m yet to find a concealer, I just build up this foundation to work like one. For me, this works great. I’ve also found this foundation to be really matifying. I have oily skin and this keeps me from looking shiny.


Powder  My sisters have used this powder for years. I decided to get this one because they both love it and it’s pretty cheap. I’d love to be able to afford high-end makeup. But, there’s just no way that’s possible right now.

This powder goes on really smoothly and works wonders to set my foundation. As you can probably tell, I’m super pale I use shade 110. I think this is the lightest shade it comes in or the second to lightest. This powder works great to mattify my face if I’m not wearing foundation. When I worked at that summer camp, I would just use a little bit of foundation under my eyes and on my bad acne spots. But, for the rest of my face, I just used my moisturizer and a little bit of this powder to mattify my face. It worked perfectly! Since my acne is clearing up, I’ll probably be doing this a lot more often. (Comment below if you’d like a detailed post about how I’m clearing my acne.)


Pens These are my absolute favorite pens at the moment. The Pentel EnerGel Deluxe RTX Gel Ink Pens, 0.7 Millimeter Metal Tip, in Assorted Colors. I LOVE them! My older sister convinced me to try them last year when we were school supply shopping and I have loved them ever since! The colors are gorgeous. The ink is so smooth. The tip is just the perfect size, not too big and not too small. I use them all the time! The only thing I don’t like about them is that the ink tends to be really visible on the back side of thin paper. This isn’t a big problem. I just can’t write on both sides of the paper in my notebooks with them.


Almonds I absolutely love these almonds! My mom found them at Sams originally and I eat them literally all the time. (Or, at least I did until I ate through the whole 32 oz bag in like 2 weeks…)

I’ve always been a fan of nuts. Particularly cashews, pistachios, and pecans. But, almonds have always been a close second on that list. I love them roasted with sea salt which is exactly what these are. (Fun fact, toasting almonds gives your house one of the most amazing scents in the world.) I love to eat nuts as snacks because they’re so much healthier than chips or pretzels or other junky snack foods. And, they’re packed with lots of healthy fats and protein!

Leg Workout

Lastly, for my exercise section of this post, I’m going to share my leg workout at the moment. Before I do this, I usually warm up with a little running HIIT workout. (Comment below if you want me to explain this in a future post.)

I use 8-pound dumbells at the moment for all of the exercises that use weights.

I do this in a circuit style workout: 10 reps of each exercise and continue down the list with little to no breaks until you’re done. Then, I take a couple minutes break, but don’t let your heart rate come down completely. Then, I repeat the whole thing again!

I broke this up into sections because that’s how I do it. (It’s just easier to read and remember the exercises that way in my opinion,) I have mini (maybe 10 seconds) breaks in between sections as I check my phone to see what the next one is.

Section 1:

Normal dead lifts with weights – 1 x 10
Left leg Deadlifts with 1 weight (held in left hand) – 1 x 10
Right leg Deadlifts with 1 weight (held in right hand) 1 x 10
Hip raises with left leg raised, holding 1 weight on abdomen – 1 x 10
Hip raises with right leg raised, holding 1 weight on abdomen – 1 x 10
Normal hip raises with 1 weight on abdomen – 1 x 10

Section 2

Jump squats x 10
Right Glute kickbacks x 10
Left Glute kickbacks x 10
Sumo squats with 2 dumbells on shoulders x 10

Section 3

Right glute pulses x 10
Left glute pulses x 10
Right fire hydrants x 10
Keep right leg up after the fire hydrants and straighten it x 10
Left Fire hydrants x 10
Keep left leg up after the fire hydrants and straighten it x 10

Section 4

Normal squats with weights on shoulders. Don’t come all the way up if you really want to feel the burn on these as it will cause constant tension in your muscles. x 10
Left lunges holding a dumbell in each hand x 10
Right lunges holding a dumbell in each hand x 10
Sumo squats with weights on shoulders. Don’t come all the way up if you really want to feel the burn on these. x 10

Then, repeat the circuit as many times as you can. Once you’re completely done, stretch out your legs to have a faster recovery and to get more flexible.

Comment below if you have any questions. If you do this workout let me know by commenting below or tagging me in any posts on Social Media!

Thanks for reading this!

Soli Deo Gloria








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