5 on Friday 5

Drink of Choice Apple Tea This tea is my favorite fall tea. Cinnamon and apples is the greatest combination of all time! My favorite way to drink this tea is to add in an extra cinnamon stick while it brews and leave it in while I drink it. I am a spicy girl and I … More 5 on Friday 5

The Missing Years pt. 1

“Dude, when did you become president?” Jeremy Black exclaimed running around The Resolute Desk and hugging his best friend Kristina Hawkins. “Jeremy!” Kristina exclaimed as she stood up and hugged Jeremy back. “You’re alive? Where the heck have you been? How could you miss my inauguration?” She pushed out of the embrace and punched Jeremy … More The Missing Years pt. 1

The Fight to Live

I want to preface this post a little bit. I had an odd burst of inspiration last Friday and wrote this. It’s completely fictional. But it’s also a bit of a spin off of mental illnesses as if they were actually demons instead of just inside of you. I will say, this story is more … More The Fight to Live